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2017 Campus Conference

In partnership with Kennedy Library and Alumni Relations, the second More than a Motto: Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing conference took place on Friday, November 3, 2017. 

Coinciding with Homecoming 2017, this second conference was an opportunity for the university to come together to showcase and celebrate our unique institutional identity.

Scroll down to review the full conference schedule or download the program here.

Conference Schedule at a Glance:


time Location

Poster Session (includes coffee & pastries)

8:00 - 9:00 am

Kennedy Library
First Floor Gallery

Concurrent Sessions A

9:10 - 10:00 am

Kennedy Library
Rooms 111H & 511
See details below

Concurrent Sessions B 

10:10 - 11:00 am

Kennedy Library
Rooms 111H & 511
See details below

Concurrent Sessions C

11:10 am - 12:00 pm

Kennedy Library
Rooms 111H & 511
See details below

Lunch & Keynote Panels

12:10 –1:30 pm

Kennedy Library
Rooms 111H & 511

See details below

Afternoon Workshop: Inquiry-Based Learning

2:10 - 4:00 pm

Kennedy Library 
Room 111H

Concurrent Field Sessions F

2:00 - 3:00 pm

See details below

Concurrent Field Sessions G

3:10 - 4:00 pm

See details below

Happy Hour, Homecoming 2017 4:00 - 5:00 pm Mustang Station
University Union

Full Conference Schedule

Poster Presentation Session from 8:00 - 9:00 am

Description: Come and join us for coffee & pastries, and mingle with faculty, staff, and students who have designed posters highlighting their innovative Learn by Doing opportunities. (Registration encouraged but not required for the morning poster session.)
Location: Kennedy Library, First Floor Gallery

We are pleased to announce the following poster presentations:

  • Learn by Going: Student Experiences from Study Abroad by Erica Jorgenson, Nayree Barnett, Bradley Hostetler, Lexi Grillos, Claire Lorentz, Charles Dunlap, Katia Panighetti, Emma Petersen, Jack Morton, Alice Neary, & Jessica Edwards  
  • The Boundary Layer Data System by Russell V. Westphal, Andrew Elliott, Isabel Jellen, Declan Mages, & Thomas Niemisto    
  • Fraternities & Sororities – Leaving a Legacy by Shawnna R. Smith, Sarah O’Sullivan, Payton Gates, & Armando Mendoza    
  • Cell-Free Protein Synthesis as an Education Platform by Nicole Gregorio, Wesley Kao, & Javin P. Oza (Advisor)    
  • Student-Student Mentorship in STEM Disciplines: Sharing the Learn by Doing Philosophy by Danielle Champney, Hayley Cushing, Maria Ramirez, Lacey Christopherson, Kathryn Voltmer, Nick Rubio, Kara Hewson, & Gloria Whang
  • Learn by Doing Utilizing Teamwork to Enhance Information Literacy by Christiane Schroeter, Lindsey Higgins, & Hannah Hank    
  • Learn by Empowering: Advancing Women in Engineering through Student Leadership by Helene Finger, Melinda Ong, Paige Camacho, Lynse Chock, Angela Wong, & Delaney Malta    
  • Service Learning in the Health Professions: Designing a Course with Service as the Focus by Candace Winstead & Meghan Farrier-Nolan    
  • The Future of Campus Wellbeing for Students, Staff and Faculty by Genie Kim, Erica Stewart, Christine Hackman, Kati Fosselius, Jaime Rodriguez, & Samantha Mark    
  • University Housing Strategic Plan by Sam Cunningham, Denise Hensley, Christian Laubacher, Kevin Masukawa, Lani Medeiros, Kevin Rubow, Ibrahim Zobi, Colleen Lampman, Cat Placencia, Guadalupe Tejada, Tina Muller, & Jo Campbell    
  • Women and Infants’ Mobile Health by Adriana Vasquez, Aidan Lacy , Shelby Bachelder, Alison Ventura, & Suzanne Phelan

Morning panel presentations

Concurrent Sessions A from 9:10 - 10:00 AM

Peer Leaders-The Ultimate Learn by Leading Experience    
Elizabeth Thomas & Isheeta Rahman, Center for Leadership
Location: Kennedy Library, Room 111H

Description: This session will highlight a unique student leadership role on campus, the Peer Leader within the Center for Leadership. After completing the Center’s Emerging Leadership Certificate program, Peer Leaders help create, design, and facilitate diverse leadership and StrengthsQuest education programs and workshops for undergraduate students. Presenters will highlight ways in which leadership education is taught and how these undergraduate students are co-creators in leadership education on campus.

Bringing Cal Poly Students to Malawi/Sierra Leone and bringing Malawi to Cal Poly students
Peggy C. Papathakis, Kalina Gardiner, Alexa Seldon, Natalie McCluskey, Leah Dambacher; Cammie Tolleshaug, Madison Fishler, Sana Raza, & Maggi Samson; Food Science and Nutrition
Andrew Schaffner, Michaelynn Welther, Stephanie Mendoza, & Gabrielle Ilenstine; Statistics
Heather Ehrgott, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 511

Description: The realities of malnutrition are particularly difficult for pregnant women around the world, and this session will detail a Cal Poly research project making a difference in Malawi and Sierra Leone, Africa. Papathakis, a former Cal Poly Distinguished Scholarship Award winner, engages students in nutrition research in developing countries and provides students with global nutrition experiences. This presentation will provide attendees with an engaging student-centered example of how Learn by Doing through undergraduate research provides students with unique opportunities both in Africa and here at Cal Poly.

Concurrent Sessions B from 10:10 - 11:00 AM

Student Improv Meets Sexual Assault Education for Incoming Students    
Christina Kaviani, Director of Safer and Men and Masculinity
Brianna Rodebaugh, Smile and Nod
Brandon Martin, New Student and Transition Programs

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 111H

Description: Campus sexual assault education is critical in today’s age, and Cal Poly is addressing the issue through a creative, unique, and student-centered approach. This session will feature a behind-the-scenes view of the evolution of “Expect Respect,” a student improv show designed to address sexual assault education for incoming Cal Poly students. Campus leaders will discuss this unique Learn by Doing partnership among Safer, student improv group Smile and Nod, and New Student and Transition Programs. 

Spaces to Learn by Living    
Tina Muller & Allison Elliot, University Housing
Location: Kennedy Library, Room 511

Description: All students who live on campus are housed in a learning community and engage in a diverse environment that enhances their academic and social experience at Cal Poly. Students explore their potential in University Housing by discovering how they can Learn by Living. Come hear these leaders in University Housing discuss campus learning communities as one of the many integrated experiences that both establish a full institutional ethos around Learn by Doing and set Cal Poly apart from other residential campuses.

Concurrent Sessions C from 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM

A Holistic Approach to Teaching Packaging Innovation    
Javier de la Fuente, Industrial Technology and Packaging
Irene Carbonell, Industrial Technology and Packaging
Mary LaPorte, Art and Design

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 111H

Description: Traditionally, packaging marketing graphics and packaging structure design were taught separately without much interaction between the two processes and knowledge fields; yet, developing an innovative package is a multi-disciplinary Learn by Doing activity that involves individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. In this session, attendees will learn about the collaborative and cross-disciplinary interactions between Cal Poly's graphic design and packaging students and the programmatic synergy they have created by stepping outside their separate silos. 

Applying Learn by Doing to Cybersecurity Training: Development of the California Cyber Training Complex    
John Oliver, Director of Computer Engineering
Bruce Burton, Program Manager, California Cyber Training Complex
Cassidy Elwell, Computer Engineering

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 511

Description: The California Cyber Training Complex (CCTC), an important Learn by Doing opportunity on our campus, was created in 2016 with a mission to provide cyber training to law enforcement, national guard and professionals; provide a unique collaboration space for digital forensics for criminal investigations; provide youth education in cybersecurity; and create applied research opportunities in cybersecurity. This unique session will bring awareness to the campus community about the CCTC, including the availability of lab and research space while also highlighting the CCTC’s efforts in youth education, including serving as host of the 2017 California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC), the state championships of cybersecurity competitions in the state of California. 

Lunch & Concurrent Keynote Panels from 12:10 - 1:30 PM

Keynote Panel: Learn by Doing Scholar Award Winners    
Lynn Metcalf, Entrepreneurship
Catherine Waitinas, English
Jim Widmann, Mechanical Engineering

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 111H

Description: Most faculty at Cal Poly engage with their students in some form of Learn by Doing, but the faculty scholars on this panel have taken their pedagogy to the next level by exploring its impact on student learning. Hear about their research projects and pick their brains in this interactive question-and-answer panel. Conference attendees are invited to join us for a complimentary boxed lunch while engaging with this keynote panel of Learn by Doing Scholar Award winners.

Keynote Panel: Distinguished Teaching Award Winners    
Brian Kennelly, World Languages and Cultures
Elizabeth Lowham, Political Science
Anthony Mendes, Mathematics

Location: Kennedy Library, Room 511

Description: The award-winning faculty on this panel will discuss how they integrate Learn by Doing into the classroom and beyond. Hear about their teaching philosophy and pick their brains in this interactive question-and-answer panel. Conference attendees are invited to join us for a free boxed lunch to engage with this keynote panel of Distinguished Teaching Award winners.

Afternoon Workshop from 2:10 - 4:00 PM

The Many Versions of IBL Math at Cal Poly    
Danielle Champney, Paul Choboter, Todd Grundmeier, & Stan Yoshinobu, Mathematics
Location: Kennedy Library, Room 111H

Description: Through the leadership of Mathematics professor Stan Yoshinobu with the Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning (AIBL), Cal Poly has become a national leader in the inquiry-based learning (IBL) movement. The notion of “Big Tent IBL” represents the idea that there exist many variations of IBL in undergraduate mathematics courses. This workshop explores for participants the main pillars of IBL, examples of what IBL can look like in different courses, and engages participants in discussions about what IBL is and what aspects of IBL are relevant to their classes. This special 2-hour workshop will give interested, aspiring, or current teachers training in this innovative, active learning approach to education.

Concurrent Field Sessions F from 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Creating a Public Sculpture for Cal Poly’s Arboretum    
Garet Zook, Art and Design
Chris Wassenberg, Horticulture and Crop Science

Location: Leaning Pines Arboretum
Note. Registered attendees will receive directions via email.

Description: Come see and hear about Cal Poly’s “best kept secret” through an art tour of Cal Poly's Leaning Pines Arboretum. The breathtaking setting of the Arboretum has been made all the more special through the infusion of public sculptures thanks to a Learn by Doing partnership between University Art Gallery director Garet Zook and Arboretum manager Chris Wassenberg. Wear your walking shoes!

Venture into Entrepreneurship
Tina Muller & Cat Placencia, University Housing
Charlotte Rinaldi, Career Services
Lori Jordan, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Cal Poly Entrepreneurs & Cal Poly Lofts residents

Location: SLO HotHouse, Downtown
Note. Registered attendees will receive directions & parking information via email.

Description: Venture into the integrated world of entrepreneurship at Cal Poly with a talk and tour featuring the SLO HotHouse and Cal Poly Lofts in downtown San Luis Obispo. The SLO HotHouse is a community space created through the efforts of Cal Poly, the city and county of San Luis Obispo, the business community, and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Cal Poly Lofts is a residential community for junior and senior-level Cal Poly students who have an entrepreneurial perspective and are engaged in Learn by Doing programs focused on fostering creativity and innovation. Leaders from University Housing, Career Services, CIE, Cal Poly Entrepreneurs, and the Lofts will discuss programs supporting Learn by Doing through entrepreneurship.

Concurrent Field Sessions G from 3:10 - 4:00 PM

Anyone Can Dance, Every Body Can Move
Christy McNeil Chand, Theatre and Dance
Location: Crandall Gym (Building 60), Dance Studio (Room 6)

Description: Dance technique classes are the true embodiment of the Learn by Doing experience for multiple reasons — the most obvious being that one must “do” to learn. The intent of this special field presentation is to provide those who have not taken a dance class at Cal Poly with an opportunity to do so, so don your dancing shoes and join Christy McNeil Chand, Assistant Professor of Dance and Director of the Orchesis Dance Company, for an afternoon of movement. This session aims to emulate a beginning jazz dance technique class. Chairs will be provided for those who need to modify any lower body movements. Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear, and for those interested, changing rooms will be available adjacent to the dance studio.

More than a Motto Book – First Edition Printing by University Graphic Systems
Lyndee Sing, Graphic Communication
University Graphic Systems student leadership

Location: Graphic Communication (Building 26), Room 217

Description: University Graphic Systems (UGS) is a student-managed, student-operated commercial printing and digital imaging enterprise within the Graphic Communication Department. UGS has been an integral part of the Graphic Communication Department’s educational program since 1968, and in 2017, UGS was given the opportunity to print the first hardbound edition of More than a Motto: The Meaning Behind Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing Signature. In this talk and tour, attendees will hear firsthand from students and faculty about the experience associated with this largest-ever print job in UGS’s history.

Happy Hour with Alumni Relations from 4:10 – 5:00 PM
Location: Mustang Station, University Union

Description: Join us in capping off the conference by celebrating Homecoming Weekend 2017 with conference attendees, faculty, staff, and alumni at Happy Hour at Mustang Station. Wine and beer will be served.


For more conference-related information, feel free to contact the More than a Motto team:

CONTACT Name Department phone email OFFICE
Brian Greenwood, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Experience Industry Management 756-5093 pgreenwo@calpoly.edu 11-254
Dawn Janke Director, University Writing and Rhetoric Center 756-2066 djanke@calpoly.edu 10-131
Lorraine Donegan Professor, Graphic Communication 756-7302 ldonegan@calpoly.edu 26-215
Keri Schwab, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Experience Industry Management 756-1113 keschwab@calpoly.edu 11-256

Past Conference Material

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Paideia team
Congratulations to the 2017 Learn by Doing Scholar Award recipients, Lynn Metcalf and Catherine Waitinas! 

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